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Nike San Francisco


Campaign: To brand the Bay Area culture, use influencers and friends who love the brand, create a magazine visual that will inspire composition, fashion and design. Nike is one of my favorite brands. Being a Bay Area native, it was important for me to create a campaign that was inspired by home, culture and friends. Nike is known for "JUST DOING IT". During this 2017 Bay Area Art Renaissance (as people call it) of art, music, photography and fashion I wanted to push the boundaries and really showcase how Nike is not only a creating a brand but a platform for artists to create. 

Challenge: Nike's headquarters are all over the world- London, Tokyo, Chicago, New York, LA. Why is San Francisco not a major market?

Key Insight: I think it should be. We have ongoing tech boom of startup culture, the fashion here is inspired by vintage, thrifting, 90s and minimalism, there are so many underground artists paving their way to the top, our sports teams here? Man, we are on a roll and the Bay should get more credit. 

NIKE VISUALS by Jessica Mutya 

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The Mockup