Brand/Persona Audit x Customer Decision Journey


Blue Bottle Coffee

Brand // Persona Audit x Customer Decision Report


Bay Area Coffee? Yeah, customers are loyal. Why? The service, location, architecture, branding, the coffee. It's the feeling of thriving in original classic beauty, meeting up with friends, and having an amazing conversation. Maybe a conversation about challenges, a job opportunity and more. Who knows? But whenever I go to Blue Bottle, I feel pure and inspired. It's a place where I can people watch and cultivate my own thinking. The people who work in coffee- they care. The care is reflected in every detail, the packaging, furniture and the way the sun shines through the long paneled windows. They know how to make simple beautiful. I've always liked it here. 


Who is Blue Bottle? Who drinks Blue Bottle Coffee? Why are they successful? Hypothesis into their next steps. What will make them even better? 

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We get it. We now know about the brand, their history, their style. Let's take into account who goes to Blue Bottle. Who spends their time and money on this brand? Possibly, we can find out WHY too. Click through below to find out about Aleksey Kernes. 

Feature 1: Social Media

Identifying main social media platforms gives us the opportunity to get a good glimpse of his life. It does seem kind of "stalker-ish" but that's really not what we're trying to do. We are tying to find conversations about the brand, what are people saying about it. Do they like it? Do they hate it? Conversation is raw data. 


Feature 2: Instagram TOUCHPOINTS

We dig a little deeper. We identify through visuals and find valuable touch points that might be a trend of these coffee goers. 




Check out what's trending. This is what people are talking about/posting on the socials. 


It's exciting that we can easily take Blue Bottle to the next level. Customers feel at home, they value the process, design, the community. Waiting in line is not an issue for them. They don't care about how the long the line is. Experience is everything- from they moment they walk to their first sip of that darn good coffee. 

I believe that Blue Bottle will become even more personal. What if you're able to bring Blue Bottle home? What if you're able to take Blue Bottle wherever you go?