LOOKBOOK04 : New York - effortlessly daring. a mix of glamour + grit.


Late Post / November 13, 2018

One thing I love about NY is that everyone is so daring with their fashion choices. Layering, textures, the mix of materials, is what it’s all about. Once you step out of your apartment, you’re inspired. People do it with so much confidence and it motivates me. It pushes me to express myself even more and I love the feeling of it every single morning. When New Yorkers go from point A to point B, one thing about their fit makes a statement… and it’s cool too because they’re not really “brand” oriented… nobody is flashy and trying too hard. A touch of something branded is nice, but it’s not the goal, it’s not the main attraction. Style is so natural to them. It can be the way they fold the cuffs of their sweatshirt, their eyeglasses, the way they fold their pants, the type of socks they were with their shoes, their tote bag, how they have their headphones over their beanies, how their earrings are an art piece, sometimes they’re just wearing a white t with mom jeans but their eyeliner is a bright blue cat eye, people wear less makeup, everyone has really nice natural glossier looking eyebrows, they way they part their hair naturally, the jacket and the shoes make the statement, sometimes their jacket is just buttoned once, sometimes they take a collared shirt and tuck in the collars to make it non collared… I’m just rambling but I have come to love people watching. I learned to pay attention. New York is the real life Pinterest style board, it’s the real life “saved style photos” on Instagram, it’s the real life Youtube influencer inspo. I’m in love with seeing it with my real eyes. People don’t do it for the gram. It’s a lifestyle out here. foreal.

New York - Effortlessly daring. A mix of glamour and grit.



Grey Beanie : Zara

Gold Earrings : Oak + Fort

Black Turtle Neck : Uniqlo

Navy Pleated Skirt : Uniqlo

Black Stockings + Socks : Target

Shoes : Nike Cortez Black and White

Black Down Puff Coat : Uniqlo

Grey Wool Cardigan : Uniqlo

*I obviously love Uniqlo (:


When I styled this fit, I started off with the turtleneck. The weather was cold but not too extreme. I curled my hair the night before and I felt pretty girly. I decided to wear the skirt one last time before the weather transitioned to snow. When you wear something long, you want to pair it with a long coat or cardigan, to continue the silhouette and length of the piece you’re trying to work around. I tried this fit with a regular bomber jacket - looked more blocky and I didn’t like it. Playing around with lengths and colors can be a a bit of challenge but the process is really fun. Your goal is to just look cohesive, with style of course. Idk how I pulled off the puffer and wool… it looked cool so I just went for it!!!


That night I had dinner with Josh and we just caught up and walked around Chinatown and Little Italy. We used to work together in SF and we’re pretty much in the same field now. It’s always nice to listen to advice and experiences. LOL We’re both in this ny struggle together but we’re doing it. Hehe so proud Josh!!!! Check out Josh’s IG for style inspo, bc FIRE. @joshbarrientos




“There is a rhythm to New York that changes depending on how you conduct yourself. Your memory and mind adapts to this city. You learn how to think, perceive and move as a New Yorker.”

“When I came to New York in ‘64 I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing so I went out and created the life I wanted. You have the freedom to do whatever you want to do here, but you have to go get it.”

“New York can be a frightening place to be alone in. So I think a smile is important to everyone.”

“You can’t be frightened if you live in New York. You can’t be afraid of people, of the experience. You just need to do it, and do it yourself. It’s important if you want to survive here.”

“Six months in New York is all it takes to find out if you can cut it; if you want it bad enough; and if your dreams are worth it.”


Talk to ya soon!


Jessica Mutya