LOOKBOOK02 the homie.


A homie, homebody look ~

Grabbed a comfy romper and added a turtle neck for a more put together fit. Can pair this with a long coat, bomber, denim jacket.

The romper is white linen. My favorite part about it is the fabric that you can tie around the waist. It synches the fabric nicely and gives me a more figured outline.

If you want to be daring, go with all white. It’s minimal but elevated. Go for it. (:

Romper - I ordered it from one of those IG ads haha. Not the best quality, but definitely using it as an outline for me when I start sewing again.

Shoes - Nike Classic Cortez White + Black

Turtle Neck - Muji

Also, started doing the stacking ring thing. I love love love the look. Diamond and Black stone are my grandma’s, SFSU ring is my mom’s, and dainty chain ring is from Catbird nyc. Detail shots below.


I do my own nails, I stopped getting them done because 01, it saves money and 02, doing them yourself can be VERY therapeutic. I use Essie, both polish and gel-like and fast dry top coat. Does wonders.


Okie dokie well that’s it for today.

Quote of the day ~

“That detail of yourself that you want to throw away, hold onto it. It will make sense one day.”

Jessica Mutya