A fall look and some good Korean soup.


It’s 41 degrees and my tits are freezing!

I hang out in Queens a lot to visit my great aunt… my grandpa’s sister and she's pretty much a grandma to me. She really is the best and most welcoming person you’ll ever meet. Whenever I come over, she makes me coffee and the most bomb breakfast — french toast, a thick omelette, and bread with cheese. BRIEEE! If you haven’t tried ny brie you’re missing out. We talk about dogs all day, the family back home, and we have been talking about me tagging along with her when she goes to Philippines next year. If work let’s me, I’ll probably be down to go. That would be amazing. I love it out there!

Short story. When my mom worked in NY, she used to stay with my great aunt and it’s kind of funny how I’m here now. I’m living her life haha. They always tell me that my mom had to choose between work and my dad so my mom scrapped the move to ny and moved back to San Francisco bc loooove, duh! I’m always like, aw that’s cute / but damn, what a big life decision.

So it’s pretty damn cold, but for some reason, I’m kind of loving it. I think it’s because I’m a sweat machine so layering and feeling the cool breeze against my face is quite nice and refreshing. I’m happy that I’m not sweating anymore and having to change my shirt twice a day haha. It’s so true, I would walk to work in a t-shirt, change at work, and then change back into a new t-shirt. I’m telling you, you get drenched just walking in NY heat and going into the Subway is 10 degrees hotter… ohh my god, it’s something you have to mentally and physically prepare for every single day! NY summer is something else.

What I’m wearing? I’m wearing this men’s no collar button up from Zara. I think it’s such a timeless piece - so clean, minimal, and structured. I feel like even wearing a black turtle neck underneath with some gold abstract earrings would look cool with it too. It’s just a fun unisex top that’s easy to style. In the photos, I tucked one side into my jeans and let the other side loose. I love me some edge and subtle contrasts. It’s put together and uneven all at once. The mom jeans are thrifted and I distressed the bottoms. Coat and beanie from Zara, gold hoop earrings from this boutique in Toronto on Queen’s Street West (Best street in Toronto!!!!), shoes are NikeLAB Zoom Fly White Black.

I like to keep things simple. I honestly repeat a lot of clothes, I wear t-shirts and those jeans every 2 days. When you find your staple pieces, you can really organize your closet and find your style. Repeating clothes is totally fine. It’s a fun challenge because you think about how you can rock it differently and better than the first time.


Gahwa Korean on Union Street, this little K Town in Flushing, Queens!

MY FAVORITE: KIMCHI SOONDUBU JIGAE! Crack an egg in it and eat it w/ rice on the side. The perfect hot soup for this season!



Quote of the day!

How to work better-

1 Do one thing at a time

2 Know the problem

3 Learn to listen

4 Learn to ask questions

5 Distinguish sense from nonsense

6 Accept change as inevitable

7 Admit mistakes

8 Say it’s simple

9 Be calm

10 smile (:

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Well that’s all for today guys! Thanks for reading. Talk to you real soon.


Jessica Mutya