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c l i e n t s :

Prabal Gurung, Upton NYC, Naked Retail Group [[Bose, NuraPhone, W&P Design, For Days + more]], Rene Furterer USA/Paris

p e r s o n a l i n s p o :

books - square circle triangle by bruno munari, shoe dog by phil knight, never eat alone by keith ferrazi, alchemist

mags - the gentlewoman, unseasonal, blanc, sporty and rich, vogue, architecture digest, airbnb, nikewomen lookbook, [[love a good quote, nice visuals, photo journalism, collages, style, typography treatments]]

web -, tumblr,

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*work available on request* ~ visit insta @jessm.vis


r e c c o m e n d a t i o n s :

“I had the pleasure of teaching Jessica for a semester at the Academy of Art. In my Creative Communications Strategy course, Jessica was a fast learner and displayed a knack for understanding media strategy and its purpose in the overall advertising practice. She consistently produced high quality, client-ready work in her assignments and projects. Her ability to understand a target audience and the most effective strategies to deliver a message to them will take her far in her career.”

Andrew Matthews ~ Account Director at Thunder Industries

“Jessica is passionate, curious, fun and hard-working. I have had the pleasure of being her instructor, which means I have watched her remarkable growth and can-do attitude. She works from many sources to find her creativity and strategic outlook. I appreciated her energy but also her stillness when contemplating and assessing an opportunity. I really enjoyed my time working with Jessica.”

Cameron Maddux ~ Research Operations Senior Specialist - Customer and Market Research at Salesforce

“Jessica was an absolute delight in my Social Media in Advertising class. She is consistently positive and curious when presented a challenge. One of the notable skills Jessica has is her ability to write and craft wonderful narratives. She also has a good grasp on social media, personas, decision journeys, brand audits, as well as qualitative and quantitative data interpretation. I highly recommend Jessica, and look forward to seeing her professional career flourish.”

Paris Daniell ~ Senior Strategist at Barkley

“She has excellent computer design skills and was always impressed with her creative process. She is a hard worker and very focused. She leads in her team work and is respected by her classmates. She is very talented and I highly recommend her.”

Jill Siefert ~ Brand Director - C Suite Style Strategy and Consulting